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Fire Risk Assessement

Fire Risk AssessementSince October 1st 2006, The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety order) has been in force so now all companies need conduct a Fire Risk Assessment for each premise. Fire certificates are no valid or issued. The employer must ensure that a ‘suitable and sufficient fire risk assessment’ is in place. The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety Order) replaced The Fire Precautions (Workplace) Regulations 1997 as amended in 1999.

This is a radical change to fire safety law. These fire regulations are designed to simplify matters and improve fire safety management.

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What could happen if I don’t have a fire risk assessment?

• You may cease trading following a Fire Brigade or Environment Health Officer inspection
• Affect your business insurance in the event of a fire on site
• Cause personal injury or death to an employee through lack of fire risk management
• Invalidate you business insurance

What should a fire risk assessment include?

Your fire risk assessment should consist of 6 key components

1. Identify fire hazards
2. Identify people at risk
3. Evaluating the fire risks
4. Fire risk assessment findings
5. Communication of fire risk assessment findings
6. Review and control measures

How often is a fire risk assessment needed?

It is recommended it is reviewed on an annual basis or when changes have taken place to the buildings fabric or layout or the building’s use.

Who can conduct a fire risk assessment?

Fire risk assessments should be carried out by someone who has had sufficient training, and has good experience or knowledge of fire safety.

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