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DSEAR & ATEXFountain Safety Solutions Ltd provides advice and assistance to ensure that your workplace complies with the DSEAR Regulations.
The Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002 now apply to all workplaces which use or generate flammable vapours or combustible dust. This includes spray booths, flour mills and storage facilities.

Companies now have to identify what dangerous substances are in their workplace and evaluate the fire and explosion risks posed by them. They must also put control measures in place to reduce these risks and generate an Explosion Protection Document which contains information such as emergency procedures and safe systems of work.

Additionally, companies classify these potentially hazardous:

  • Zone 0 – flammable vapour continuously present
  • Zone 1 – flammable vapour present in normal operation
  • Zone 2 – flammable vapour occasionally present
  • Zone 20 – combustible dust continuously present
  • Zone 21 – combustible dust present in normal operation
  • Zone 22 – combustible dust occasionally present


In accordance with these regulations, we can:

  • Perform a zoning classification in accordance with EN 60079-10, EN 61241-10 or other applicable code of practice
  • Advise on the suitability of equipment for that type of zone
  • Audit your equipment in accordance with EN and IEC standards
  • Perform an Ignition Hazard Risk Assessment
  • Compile an Explosion Protection Document
  • Advise on procedural requirements