CE & UKCA Marking and Health & Safety Specialists

Corporate Audits

Corporate AuditsThe Corporate Audit of Health and Safety Management is a comprehensive audit, which is designed to identify a client’s current position in terms of compliance with health and safety legislation.

The purpose of the audit is to measure your current arrangements for health and safety management with recognised standards. This will help you in deciding whether action needs to be taken to ensure you comply with relevant health and safety law.

The Corporate Audit will help you in providing a safe working environment, safeguarding you against exposure to criminal prosecution and civil claims, increased insurance rates, bad publicity and poor morale.

The Corporate Audit has three stages:

Stage 1 – Documentation review

This involves evaluating your significant health and safety documentation e.g. health and safety policy, risk assessments, systems of work/work practices, Training programme and records etc. All of these documents would be evaluated.

Stage 2 – Interviews

We would interview staff with key health and safety responsibilities, to determine their knowledge and gain information of their experiences.

Stage 3 – Site visits

We would visit all sites and examine the management of health and safety, view site documentation, check the safety of the site and review communication and consultation arrangements.


At the end of the audit we will produce a comprehensive report containing the significant findings from the audit, along with a Health and Safety Action Plan. The report will be a fair and honest assessment of your current position, giving credit where arrangements are effective, while highlighting areas for improvement.